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Here's why you'll love the New Client Generator.

It’s a fully Responsive Pro Radio Sales website. It’s World Class Personalized Sales Presentations. It’s email newsletter marketing targeted at the top decision-makers in your market. It’s daily sales training. It’s an online commercial database. It’s on-air marketing tools to help generate leads.

It’s so powerful and easy to use and it starts generating new revenue immediately. Welcome to the New Client Generator.

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We love the entire ComStar package.

Great job guys!!! It makes us money.


Rex Tackett, General Manager, Wendlee Broadcasting





Building World Class Sales Presentations is now fast & easy.

In less than 3 minutes, a sales rep can now build a World Class Personalized Sales Presentation. Our presentations feature stunning magazine grade artwork, benefits and features pages, and can be fully customized. All you need to do is add your logos, the client's name, price it and sell it!

Start generating new revenue immediately.

Learn more about our World Class Sales Presentations >


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Our Responsive Pro Radio Sales Website generates leads for your sales team.

85% of B2B buyers always research a product or service on the web before they buy it. That includes radio advertising. If your stations websites are like most radio websites in North America they contain little to no sales information for potential buyers.

Our team will build and install the Ultimate Pro Radio Sales Website in your market. It's fully branded with your station logos and is designed to work with your current station websites. It features station profiles, the Radio Marketing Center, and is designed to do one thing, sell radio advertising!

Learn more about our new Responsive Pro Radio Website >







Thank you so much!


Lori Estrada, MTD Radio Inc.





The eBusiness Report Newsletter brings your stations the power of email marketing.

Get top of mind awareness for your stations with advertisers in your market. A Forbes Media Study revealed that email marketing is considered the second-most effective tool for generating sales conversions.

Every month we send out the eBusinessReport, a retail and business newsletter to the top 1000 advertisers in your market fully branded with your station logos.

Learn more about The eBusiness Report Newsletter >


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Increase leads and generate more sales with Social Media.

65% of B2B marketers using social media say it generates leads. 72% of the followers are likely to make a future purchase from the brand. 90% of B2B marketers see social media as a way to increase exposure.

Our new Social Media Sales Module even provides the content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin so you don’t have to.

Learn more about our Social Media Sales Module >



The Hot Sales Tip Of The Day features some of the greatest sales trainers in North America.

Every day your sales team will start their morning with The Hot Sales Tip Of The Day. These are quick read sales articles from some of the greatest experts in North America! Give your reps the edge and start generating maximum sales revenue with daily sales training.

Learn more about The Hot Sales Tip Of The Day >

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I use your sales tips in my Monday sales meetings.

Thank You!

Meg Morland, General Sales Manager, Dot Com Plus LLC









Generate leads with our Pro Radio marketing commercials.

Use your unsold inventory to generate sales leads. We make generating new business easy with our powerful Pro Radio Sales Website launch commercials, our Discover The Power Of Radio commercials, and our new Radio Delivers Results marketing campaign.

Learn more about Pro Radio commercials >


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With HotCopy creating professional copy its so easy it almost writes itself.

Access thousands of copy ideas in seconds. HotCopy is a powerful creative tool containing thousands of pieces of pre-written, proven copy, covering a vast range of topics in over 300 categories.

Get the creative edge to grow more business.

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The New Client Generator is the easiest sales tool we have used.

We Love It!

Gary Dorosz, GM, Country 95.5 / B-93.3, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group








Promotions, Contests and Specials

In less than 5 minutes, a sales rep can now build a promotion, contest or special offer.

Our presentations feature magazine grade artwork, a benefits and features section, and can be fully customized.

All you need to do is add your logos, price it and sell it!

Start generating new revenue immediately.

Learn more about our Promotions, Contests and Specials >


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We're here to help.

We’re committed to providing you with the best customer service experience.

Even when we close our doors and go home at night, we're still just a point and click away. We want to make the process of doing business with us as easy as possible.

Providing you with high-quality customer service is our number one priority.








The service makes us look very professional.

It's Great!

Jody Brooker, Sales Manager, Quinte Broadcasting





Frequently Asked Questions

Q; Is the New Client Generator market exclusive?
A: Yes it is market exclusive to your cluster.

Q: Are there any contracts to sign?
A: There are no contracts to sign. You can cancel at any time.

Q: Are there any setup fees?
A: There are no setup fees of any kind and updates are free.

Q: Are there any strings attached?
A: There are no strings attached.


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The New Client Generator is very affordable, in fact it may have the best R.O.I. in the business.

The New Client Generator was designed from the ground up to increase revenue.

Most stations see a full return on investment in the first month. Usually the first new sale pays for the service for several years.

Ask us about some simple strategies that you can use to dramatically and quickly increase sales.







We love the service. It's an outstanding program.

You Rock!

Todd Markiewicz, Director of Sales, RadiOhio Inc.